Parking and Your Registration

We are meeting at camping world in Albuquerque between 7am and noon. Please do not try to find the field where we will be parked – we have our own parking crew and the fiesta parking folks will not know what to do with you if you are able to find us.

 Please do not arrive before 7 am as you will be asked to move on – we cannot park on the frontage road and block traffic.  Local police will not understand J

 Please do not arrive after 12:00 noon.

 First to arrive does not mean first to leave – in addition we will be parking in random once you arrive at the field – based on the needs of the field. All spots are great !

 We will start moving groups of 10 out at about 8:45 which gives you time to get anything you need at Camping World. You will have a caravan leader so its important that you stay somewhat close to the Airstream in front of you. Once at the field you will be staged and held – and parked by our wonderful experienced parking people.  If you are traveling in a group, please arrive together.

 This all may sound a bit complicated but you will be amazed how smoothly we get 150 happy rigs parked – from an empty to full field – in four hours !

 You may be asked or tempted to sell your registration – please be aware that we do not allow this for two reasons – first it is very unfair to those who have been on the waiting list since February and second the Fiesta folks have over 700 on their waiting list and we want to make sure that no one is “selling” their spot.  Please do not be offended if we ask for ID when you arrive.

 We will also be checking in folks once we are on the balloon field at 4:00 on the field in our gathering area – at that time you will get all kinds of info and admission/parking/rig tickets from the balloon fiesta folks. Additional admission/parking tickets can be purchased on Sat morning.

 A full schedule will be sent to you soon.

 Any questions or discussions, please check out our facebook page at – or email us any time !!  We are certain you will have a great time at this great event.

Weather is looking great !!