2017 Newsletter & Information

Can you believe it! BALLOON FIESTA IS HERE!!!!!!

The weather forecast is looking perfect and a great time is promised for all!!!

And….. we have a web site ! balloonfiestarally.wbcci.net – check it out !

Again as in previous years we will be meeting at Camping World on the west side of Albuquerque – please do not show up at Balloon Fiesta Park – they will not know what to do with you….

Camping World is opening just for us at 7am – so come by let them know how much we appreciate them letting us use their parking lot and grab some last minute items. Please do not arrive before 7:00 am, as the gates will be closed and you will not be able to get in prior to 7:00 – If you arrive before 7:00 we will turn you away – – – – our first group will go out at 8:45 and we will be sending groups about every 20 minutes or so until about noon. So everyone needs to be sure they arrive by then.

Early arrival does not guarantee first out of Camping World – and when you get to the field we will be randomly be parking in order to be fair to everyone.

If you are traveling with a group please be sure to arrive at camping world at the same time so we can send you out together. About every 20 minutes between about 8:45 and 12:00 we will caravan to the balloon fiesta park where we have folks waiting to park us. This way by the time they finish parking the first group, the next group will be arriving until everyone is parked. So at the VERY latest, you need to be at Camping World by 12:00.

As you arrive at Camping World we will be checking you off our list and placing you in the waiting line to be taken to our spot in the Balloon Fiesta Camping Area. You will not have to leave your vehicle – but can if you want to do some shopping.

Camping World is at exit 149 off of Interstate 40 – west of Albuquerque – for you GPS folks the address is 14303 Central NW, Albuquerque, NM. It is on the North side of the freeway frontage road.

We have a large space at the rally field to meet and greet, please bring your chairs, and tables would be helpful too – We will gather each evening for an informal get together. Please look at the website for the full schedule.

Friday night to get things started we will have a nice Albuquerque catered dinner – Mexican food of course !!

There is lots to do over this great weekend – not only the balloons, but more balloons, fireworks, food, site seeing, relaxation and more!

Speaking of tables and canopies, if you happen to have them – we sure could use them – especially EZ ups.

Again this year we will be having our annual “Tour de Balloon Fiesta” bike ride on Sat – this will be a bring whatever kind of bike you have and ride the bike path that is at our front door and goes all over Albuquerque – ride as much or as little as you like.

Once parked at the Fiesta, you are a block or less from the field. Imagine a big parking field filled with Airstreams. The only thing between you and the balloon field are shiny Airstreams. No campground etiquette here requiring you to walk around someone’s campsite, you simply walk right through the sea of Airstreams to the field. And, along the way, you’ll meet and chat with Airstreamers from around the U.S and Canada.

Each unit will get two free passes to all events all weekend long – additional passes can be purchased if you need them.

Registration and bag pickup starts at 4:00 pm on Friday at the field – we will have a table set up for that at our gathering area.

Water and dump service trucks will be cruising the area several times each day if you need to fill your water tanks or dump your ummm – well you know what…….. make sure you don’t confuse the water putting in and dump taking out trucks J

You will have in/out privileges in your vehicle so if you want to go site-seeing, grocery shopping, or out to dinner, you can come and go as you please. There are times when traffic outside the fiesta grounds is high. If you can avoid those times, you will have a nicer experience. But again, you can come & go as you please. The weather over the past nine years of attending has ranged from chilly (brrrrr) to year’s when we are wearing shorts at 6 a.m. So come prepared for anything. We have also had rain, sprinkles and winds which delayed or cancelled an event in the past. Unfortunately we can’t control Mother Nature.

Please note that well behaved dogs, cats, generators, grills, propane campfires are all good – what we are not allowed to do is have any tall antennas or flags (could snag a low flying balloon – yes it has happened J ) the Balloon Fiesta rally is put together as a fun time and most anything within reason is good by us.

Its Fiesta time!